Welcome to Our Practice

Many things are changing in the practice of dentistry today. Thanks to advances in dental research, our clinical practice is based on the best scientific evidence in the field of general dentistry. Scientific developments are reducing decay and controlling gum disease, so people are keeping their teeth longer. It has now become possible to maintain teeth throughout a patient’s lifetime, but it requires good and consistent dental care.

We look forward to creating a comfortable experience for you at our family-friendly practice found in Skokie, Illinois. We strive to make your dental care and peace of mind our number one concern when you visit us. Feel free to ask at any time during your visit any questions you may have concerning your care, insurance needs and financing options.

As conservative practitioners, we strive to provide the most stable and predictable treatment for our patients, which includes saving and maintaining natural teeth for as long as possible. Our recall system is set up to accomplish this goal. Our practice offers a full range of preventive, restorative, implant, and cosmetic services. This includes the ability to do minor adult orthodontics with clear, invisible braces. We believe patients should be fully informed of the nature, benefits, and cost of all proposed dental treatment and we encourage patients to ask questions regarding their dental health.

We strongly believe in doing everything we possibly can to safeguard the privacy and security of your health information and records. Call us today at 1-847-677-2404 to talk with our knowledgeable and friendly staff to set up your next appointment!

Elliot Abt, D.D.S., M.S., M.Sc.
Dr. Ashley Kauffman, D.D.S.